After the initial sync, how often does the integration run?

Every 24 hours or 6 hours, depending on your subscription tier.

What time does the integration sync run on?

Assuming all authentication and setup steps are complete, the integration will run every 24h or 6h depending on which subscription you chose. 

Can I view my integration’s performance and other details?

You can view all of your integration's activity on the Syncsmart Logger.

How long should I expect the initial integration sync to take?

The initial historical sync should take 6-12 hours assuming 1 million total records or less.

How long should I expect subsequent integration syncs to take?

After an initial historical sync, subsequent integration processes should complete each sync within 1 hour per 200,000 records created or updated per object.

Does the integration process every record every time it runs a process?

No, the integration only processes newly created or updated records, based off of the record's Last Modified date in HubSpot.

How much data should we expect to sync down to Snowflake? Can we project data volume in Snowflake based off of record counts in HubSpot?

 Ex. 1,000 contacts in HubSpot will create X megabytes of data in Snowflake.

If your HubSpot portal has 1 million contacts, you can expect about 300mb of data to sync to Snowflake.

I am worried about integration overage costs. Can those be estimated up front?

Yes, you can use the Syncsmart integration estimator to generate estimated costs!

What is the total scope of data syncing from HubSpot to Snowflake?

Here is a table displaying all of the data involved in this integration:

Sync Direction
Line Items
>Line Items
Feedback Submissions
>Feedback Submissions
Tickets (Service Hub)
>Tickets (Service Hub)
Custom Objects
>Custom Objects
Engagements (Calls, Emails, Meetings, Notes, Postal Mail, Tasks)
>Engagements (Calls, Emails, Meetings, Notes, Postal Mail, Tasks)

How long will it take for my integration to sync data to Snowflake after installation?

Your integration will be scheduled to process 60 minutes from the time of purchase. 

If you have not authorized and configured your HubSpot and Snowflake portals within that 60 minutes, the integration will try again 24 hours later.