Features & Capabilities 

Below is the data synced between Twilio and HubSpot:

HubSpot > Twilio

HubSpot Workflows  > Twilio Messaging

Twilio > HubSpot

Message > HubSpot Contact Timeline

Use Cases and Benefits 

SyncSmart’s HubSpot + Twilio extension helps users send Twilio SMS messages to their prospects and customers inside HubSpot, using HubSpot’s different tools. With the extension in place, users can: 

  • Work directly in HubSpot with their Twilio data to engage users via text and expand their HubSpot marketing and messaging capabilities 

  • Streamline marketing and other sales with HubSpot workflows using Twilio messaging data 

  • Use HubSpot’s tool to build advanced customization and automation to reach contacts at the right time 

  • Utilize the near-real time 1:1 SMS workflow extension to deliver behavior or transactional messages 

  • Use the batch SMS workflow extension to distribute bulk messages within minutes or hours 

  • Market, cross-sell, upsell, and notify customers of important information directly to their most used device — their phone 

  • Look at a contact’s activity and engagement in the HubSpot contact timeline

SyncSmart also offers a library of other products, integrations, and levels of support to completely transform martech stacks in the HubSpot ecosystems. For any help coming up with text message campaigns or other sales and marketing campaigns, users can turn to Lynton. SyncSmart is backed by Lynton, a HubSpot Elite partner agency that offers services ranging from inbound marketing strategies to web design and development that accelerate business growth. 

The Solution Installation Process

The installation process is straightforward and customers can get started right away by using the SyncSmart user interface (UI). In the simplest terms, that process looks like: 

  • Download the Twilio extension app from the HubSpot marketplace

  • Grant access to Integrate Twilio Messaging and select portal

  • Begin installation process and enter customer information on UI 

  • Go live!