Thank you for installing the Introhive + HubSpot Sync by! This guide will walk you through setting up your sync, and help with any spots where you may get stuck! 

Step 1. Select a plan. Choose what type of sync you'd like to run! 

Step 2. Choose a support package. Premium support is a great feature for folks that want added support! 

Step 3. Complete checkout 

Step 4. Select the HubSpot portal you’d like to add

Step 5. Authorize access via HubSpot OAuth

Step 6. Configure your Introhive app via the SyncSmart App

Step 7. Input your introhive API Key, Error reporting email address, and owner of the app. 

Step 8. Run your sync and enjoy the integration! Now that your integration is up and running reach out to our support team if you need any help! Thank you for using Introhive + HubSpot by