How to Connect Co-Pilot to HubSpot

  1. Click the Install button on the HubSpot Marketplace. 

  2. Choose the HubSpot portal you would like Co-Pilot to connect to. 

  3. Co-Pilot will be enabled for your user account, and it will be available for all other users in your HubSpot portal to enable. Additional users will need to click "Ope Settings" in the Co-Pilot CRM extension to activate their account.

  4. Navigate to the right-hand side of a contact record and scroll down until you see the Co-Pilot module. Drag the module up to the top of the right-hand section for convenience. 

  5. Click the “Open Settings” link to custom tailor the content you want to see from Co-Pilot. 

  6. Enjoy first-class conversations with your customers and prospects. 

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