Connecting your HubSpot integration with SyncSmart is quick and easy:

Step 1: Install the application in your HubSpot portal

In the marketplace listing, find the Install App button at the top of the screen and click it.

You'll then be asked to select a HubSpot account. Click on the HubSpot portal that you wish to use with your new Classy integration.

Next, you'll be asked if you wish to allow the Integrate Classy by SyncSmart to access your HubSpot account. This is required so that the integration may write information from Classy into your HubSpot portal, so click Connect App.

Step 2: Create your integration account

The account setup form will ask for some basic information to set up your account and prepare for your integration build.

Step 3: Choose a plan and provide billing information

Select a plan that best meets your needs and budget:

  • Influence is the most affordable plan, and allows supports in Classy to sync to contacts in HubSpot, with donations appearing as the timeline events on a contact. Up to 250 donations may be synced per month.
  • Empower provides the features available in Influence, plus the ability to sync Classy donations as deals in HubSpot. Up to 1000 donations may be synced per month.

Once you've selected a plan that best meets your needs, click the Get Started button under it. On the next screen, you'll be asked to provide your billing information. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Step 4: Connect the integration to your Classy account

Upon successful validation of your billing information, you will be asked for Classy API credentials. These credentials allow the integration to retrieve data in your Classy portal using Classy's robust API (application programming interface). 

Confused by all this techno-babble? No worries - simply continue following this guide, and we'll guide you through exactly what needs to be done.

When you've arrived at the screen shown above, tap the link to the Classy Admin dashboard, This will open Classy in a new browser tab. (Be sure to keep the tab for the integration setup wizard open; we'll need to come back to it.) If prompted, sign in and select the Classy account that should integrate with HubSpot. Once you've landed upon the Classy admin dashboard, find and click the Apps & Extensions button in the left-hand menu. You should see a button labeled Classy API; click it.

After clicking on the Classy API button, you'll be prompted to register a new application. The application name can be anything of your choosing; we recommend "HubSpot Integration." The "Oauth2 Redirect URI" is not used, since this integration runs as a background process in the cloud. However, it is required by Classy, so you can simply set it to the Web site address of your nonprofit. Make sure that the Web address includes "https://" at the beginning.

After clicking Create App, you should see your new app listed in the table labeled Your Applications. Its client secret will be hidden for security purposes, but we can retrieve it by clicking the Edit button next to the new app:

After clicking Edit, locate the Client ID, copy its value to your clipboard, and then change back to the browser tab for the integration setup wizard. Locate the text area labeled Client ID and paste the value. Repeat this for the Client Secret. Be sure to not include any leading or trailing spaces when copying the Client ID and Client Secret; both should be a series of random letters and numbers, 16 characters long.

Lastly, you'll need to set the Classy organization ID in the set up wizard. This can be found by looking at the address bar of your Web browser when you're in the Classy admin dashboard; it should be a 5-digit number:

Put this number in the text box labeled Classy Org ID in the setup wizard. Finally, click Finish to proceed.

Step 5: Choose how far back to sync

Choose a historical sync date. We'll sync Classy data that was created/modified after this date to HubSpot. Try not to choose too recent of a date, or else you won't be able to see anything in HubSpot right away. Then tap the Finish button.

That's it!

Give the integration 5 to 10 minutes to get everything set up and you should start seeing your supporters appear in HubSpot as contacts.  Additionally, the integration creates a new deal pipeline specifically for Classy donations with the HubSpot portal.  


If you need any help along the way, simply email We can't wait to help you with all your HubSpot integration needs.