Custom Objects HQ is an app that allows users to create, define, and edit custom objects without a developer. If you have general questions about custom objects in HubSpot, please contact HubSpot support. For questions about using Custom Objects HQ, please read through our FAQs below. 

What version of HubSpot is needed to create custom objects?

You must have a Sales Hub Enterprise account to create custom objects in your portal. 

What is possible with custom objects in HubSpot? 

"With custom objects, you can store any data you need in HubSpot," according to HubSpot. To read more about this, please read HubSpot's knowledge base article. You can also search the rest of their knowledge base and community forums for any additional information. 

Can you associate a custom object with another custom object with the app? 

Yes! To do this, edit your custom object after it's created and search for it in the dropdown options for associations. 

Important to note: You can also associate them with standard objects. 

Does Custom Objects HQ support many-to-many object associations? 


Does Custom Objects HQ support one-to-many object associations?

HubSpot currently supports only many-to-many. An example of this: An asset can be associated with many companies, and a company can be associated with many assets.

How many display properties does Custom Objects HQ support?

Two – secondary and primary. 

Can you delete custom objects with Custom Objects HQ? 

No.  You will have to follow HubSpot's documentation to do this. 

How many custom objects can you create with Custom Objects HQ? 

You can create and edit up to 10 objects. 

Can you edit a custom object with Custom Objects HQ?

Yes! Navigate to your dashboard and choose the custom object you would like to edit. Click "Edit" once selected and make your changes. 

Can you set required properties with Custom Objects HQ?

Yes. Setting a required property makes sure the users in your portal are always setting a value when creating or editing the record. 

Can you search for custom objects? 

At this time, custom objects are not available to be searched in the global search, but there are plans to extend that in 2021. However, Custom Objects HQ sets a flag that does work for searching on the index page. The Custom Objects Wizard will display: "Searchable properties will be indexed in the custom object's Index/Listing page."

What HubSpot features does Custom Objects HQ integrate with? 

Custom Objects HQ integrates with company records, contact management, deals, email marketing, reporting dashboards, or workflows. That means you can use your custom objects in any of these features. If you have trouble with how custom objects are behaving with these objects, please contact HubSpot support. 

How do I set up Custom Objects HQ? 

For instructions on installing the app, please read our knowledge base article here

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