How to set up shipping for your Checkout HQ ecommerce solution.

How to set up your shipping "product"

Checkout HQ allows for simple shipping options that can be featured in the cart just before checkout. 

To set up a shipping product, you will need to set the following custom product properties in the Checkout HQ section of the product details: 

  • Checkout HQ - Shipping Product must be set to Yes

  • Checkout HQ - Product must be set to Yes

  • Price - must be set

  • Description - is recommended to be set

Note: Checkout HQ does not support dynamic shipping calculations at this time. 

How to set up multiple shipping "products"

It is not recommended that you have multiple shipping options as the end user will be able to self select which shipping product they want from all the available products you have created. The lowest price shipping rate will always be selected by default.

You can set up multiple shipping products to be available to your end user in their shopping cart at checkout. To set up additional shipping products, please follow the steps above.