Custom Objects HQ is a free app for managing custom object definitions in HubSpot Enterprise.

What you'll need to get started:

  1. A subscription to any HubSpot Enterprise Hub
  2. A business use case for one or more custom objects

Step 1: Register for an account

Click here to register for a free account.

Step 2: Connect your HubSpot Portal

You'll be redirected to a HubSpot OAuth grant to connect your portal.

Custom Objects HQ is now connected!

You'll be redirected to the Custom Objects HQ dashboard where you can create your first custom object and edit existing ones.

To access the app in the future, bookmark this link!

What you should know about features and limitations:

  • HubSpot supports up to 10 custom objects
  • HubSpot supports up to 2 secondary display properties
  • HubSpot supports many-to-many association types between a custom object and other objects
  • HubSpot custom objects is a beta product.
  • SyncSmart does not support deleting custom object definitions, but you may edit an existing object to change it to a different one.
  • Removing association types will remove corresponding associations within all existing object data.
  • Custom Objects HQ by is offered as a free app without warranties or guarantees. Use at your own risk.